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  • Devon Nuckles

Busy with Variations

Hello everyone,

I will now share some of my artistic processes, and my philosophy, and try to appear intelligent in the process.

You may notice that I do a few variations of my work (see below).

Why is that, you ask? Am I just lazy? No...well, not all the time. I am inspired by pop art and street art, and playing with variations is very much a part of what excites me about this process, and I want to share all aspects of that. Obviously, I am not the first to do this. Andy Warhol became very well known for experimenting with both repetition and variations.

Yet, it isn't just visual artists that inspired me to experiment with this process. Growing up, I was really into the industrial music scene (still am). It was very common to hear different versions of the same song, often released on singles and B sides.

Further Down the Spiral is the companion remix disc to the band’s second studio album, The Downward Spiral.

To me, the different versions are just a part of the creative process and a different approach to the themes and emotions of the art. So, as I grow in my craft this is something you will be seeing more of, and something I am excited to share with anyone willing to give me their time.

So, there you have it. I'm not lazy, I'm experimenting.

Until next time,


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