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  • Devon Nuckles

We Are Made Of Meat!

One thing that I always found weird, scary, and darkly humorous is that humans are made out of meat. We are physically and emotional vulnerable, yet somehow able to endure so much. I grew up with a steady diet of 90's cartoons and underground comics, so finding humor in the macabre is definitely something I connect with.

The works that I want to share with you are from an ongoing project that uses illustrations to address fears and anxieties that I have, while trying to find humor in the absurdity.

I have often had the dream of my teeth falling out for no apparent reason. That is what inspired this illustration called Losing Teeth. This dream is very disturbing, and studies show that this may be linked to anxiety. Yet, it may just be a dream....right?

This illustration is called Detached Hand (a bit on the nose, I know). I don't know why, but I've always had a heightened anxiety when it comes to my hands... and keeping them attached. To create this piece, I drew my own hand, and illustrated the image based on that. I found it oddly therapeutic. MEAT!

You can get art prints, t-shirts, and other accessories featuring the artwork above by visiting the D Mart store, here or by clicking on the image below.

Thank you dear reader for your time and support! It means the world to me. Please check back often!


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