Covid-19 Update

What a frustrating time. If you are visiting this site, or subscribed to the email updates you may be wondering what is going on. 


In case you may not know, I originally started this page with the intention of creating commercials, however, I quickly found that to be frustrating, and personally unfulfilling. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to create art, not advertising. So I decided to make a change. 


My original goal was to do a relaunch on October 31, 2020. Yet with the event of covid-19, several projects had to be put on hold. I much prefer to create work I can be proud to share, as well as keep collaborators safe and healthy. 


I will keep continuing to push forward with the projects that will one day occupy space on this website, it’s just going to take a little longer than I hoped for. 


Thank you for your understanding. Be safe. This won’t last forever.



— D.N.  

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